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Batch Chemical Centrifuges

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  Batch Chemical Centrifuges from Western States

The Western States Machine Company

Quadrammatic™ Batch Chemical Centrifuges

"Operations and Specifications"

Separates and washes crystalline, fibrous and amorphous materials. Fully automatic with complete VFD and PLC controls. Complete control from your DCS. Available in Low Profile, Easy Access models.

Concent™ Vertical Continuous Chemical Centrifuges

Detailed Information

CONCENT™ - Continuous centrifuge separates and washes final product crystalline and amorphous materials in a single operation at high production rates.

STM 2000 Laboratory Batch Chemical Centrifuges

Detailed Information

Quite VFD Operation. 3 HP, Class 1, Div 1, Group C and D. 316 SST, Coated, Alloy C-276 Construction. Perforated or Solid Bowl - 14"x6", 12"x4" or 10"x4". Full Open, Exposed Basket. Sanitary Fittings.

Horizontal Peeler Centrifuges

Detailed Information

Comi-Condor has the most advanced Horizontal Peeler Centrifuge available today.

Inverting Filter Centrifuge/Dryer

Detailed Information

The Comi-Condor Inverting-Filter Centrifuge/Dryer is revolutionary in performance and design.

Continuous Centrifuge

Detailed Information

The ConCent™ centrifuge is design for applications where a continuous process or very high capacity is required. The ConCent™ is fitted with a conical basket to allow continuous feeding of a slurry and discharge of the separated solids.

Tubular Centrifuges

Detailed Information

Tubular Centrifuges are designed to separate low percentages (<2%) of suspended solids which are between 1 and 0.001 microns in size, and to separate two immiscible liquids of differing densities.

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