Concent, Vertical Continuous Centrifuge, Western States

Concent™ Vertical Continuous Centrifuge

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  Concent™ Vertical Continuous Centrifuge from Western States
Concent, Vertical Continuous Centrifuge, Western StatesVersatile Applications
  • Separates and washes final product crystalline and amorphous materials in a single operation
  • Already used extensively in the food industry to process crystalline materials
  • Laboratory and pilot plant scale testing determine the appropriate basket angle, G-force, screen slot sizes and other parameters necessary for each specific process and product

Custom Design

  • Variety of sizes available from pilot plant up to 25 TPH
  • Vertical shaft mounted basket rotates at speeds up to 2,200 rpm for optimum centrifugal effect
  • Low maintenance cost due to simplicity of operation
  • Replaceable screens are the only major process component subject to wear
  • Single speed drive with uniform power requirement
  • Flow rate of product is constant
  • All units available with various drive options

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