Corona and Plasma Treatment Systems From 3DT

3DT, Corona, Treating, Systems3DT is a leading manufacturer of Corona and Atmospheric Plasma Treating Systems. These systems improve the adhesion and bonding of a wide variety of substrates, including plastics, polymers, elastomers, composites, glass and metal. Our systems clean, etch, wet and functionalize surfaces for printing, coating, painting and bonding as well as optimize surfaces for cell culture growth.

3DT's plasma and corona treating systems solve adhesion problems for injection, blow molded or extruded parts. Our line of standard and custom-designed products can be incorporated into existing or new production lines, supplied as semi to fully automated systems or supplied as a stand alone workstation.The 3DT group offers you system solutions including, single source design, manufacturing, installation, and service, regardless of the size or scope of the project.

3DT offers a complete line of Corona & Plasma Treating Systems. Whether your operation is manual, fully-automatic or semi-automatic we will design the Corona treating equipment to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Corona & Plasma treatment increases the wettability of polymer surfaces improving adhesion for printing, coating and bonding applications. In the medical industry, petri dishes, test panels and other disposable lab-ware products are treated for enhanced surface characteristics.

PolyDyne Corona Treating System

PolyDyne™ Corona Treating System

The PolyDyne™ Corona Treating System is the most versatile and efficient system in 3DT’s product line. It is specifically suited for the use in high-speed printing, assembly, extrusion and coating lines. Treatment from the interior surface of needle hubs to large bumpers and wide foam material is possible. PolyDyne allows the application of corona treatment to the exact part needed and increases adhesive properties regardless of shape.

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TubeDyne Corona Treatment System

TubeDyne Corona Treating System

The TubeDyne™ Corona Treating System is a compact, self-contained tabletop Corona Treating System including integrated generator, transformer, electrode assembly, holding fixture and ozone filter. The system is PLC-controlled and features an operator console with a human machine inter face (HMI), including: monochrome touch screen with status menu, run time log, service hour log and alarm/trouble-shooting screen

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MultiDyne Corona Treatment System

MultiDyne™ Plasma Treating System

The MultiDyne™ Plasma Treating System from 3DT is the perfect solution to adhesion problems on injection, blow molded or extruded parts. MultiDyne™ Plasma Treating System Scan be incorporated into existing or new production lines or operated manually. Treatment is done prior to printing, gluing or laminating. The MultiDyne™ Plasma Treating Systems have a durable, one-piece ceramic head. This makes the MultiDyne™ suitable for a wide variety of applications, even when treating areas near metal inserts.

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FlexiDyne Corona Treating System

FlexiDyne™ Corona Treating System

Now you can expand your competitive edge. FlexiDyne™ is a compact, self-contained floor model Corona Treating System that is capable of treating most 3-dimensional plastic parts. Any non-metallic items that will fit through FlexiDyne™'s 6 to 8" wide by 2" high opening can receive uniform Corona treating of all exposed areas.

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PlasmaDyne Corona Treating System

PlasmaDyne™ System

PlasmaDyne™ uses Atmospheric Plasma Technology to treat a wide variety of surfaces such as plastics, rubber, glass, metals and composites. Through this process, the Atmospheric Plasma (highly ionized air stream) re-structures the chemical properties of the surface to allow adhesion of glues, coatings, laminates, paint, ink and other hard-to-bond materials. PlasmaDyne™ is also effective for cleaning materials by removing the impurities, contaminants, residue, and organic compounds from the surface.

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Tech Sales Co., is a manufacturers representative company devoted to unique technologies for industry. We represent Nex Flow™ Air Products Corp., HAUG North America, Dynamic Descaler and have other products for static control and elimination, corona treatment, plastic repair and environmentally friendly chemicals.

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