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DYNAMIC DESCALER® rust remover used in the cleaning of cooling towers and closed circuit water cooling systems is most usually accomplished while the water cooled equipment is online and without the necessity of shut-down. In order to dissolve all water scale, lime, rust and dirt from the waterside of your equipment, it is imperative that these instructions are followed.

DYNAMIC DESCALER® is formulated to remove scale, rust and other water deposits from cooling towers, evaporative condensers, hot water boilers, processing equipment and more. Rust affects the performance, efficiency, and potentially design life of the equipment. For cooling tower applications, rust restricts water flow and quickly reduces heat transfer capability of the heat exchanger resulting in elevated high side pressure of the refrigerant system. Excessive high side pressure causes the compressor to draw extra current, which leads to increase power cost over time and may lead to a shorten life. In addition, the water scale in the heat exchanger dramatically affects the capability of the equipment to operate at a designed condition. DYNAMIC DESCALER® offers a family of products for water treatment to prevent rust build-up in cooling towers and evaporative condensers. For other situations when rust must be addressed, Descale 518 or Aqua Safe Descaler can meet the challenge.

Dynamic Descaler®is used to save two 30 ton cooling towers by
removing water scale safely and effectively in one day.

Instructions for DYNAMIC DESCALER® Cleaning

1. When units to be cleaned are in operation or merely connected with water flowing to them, shut off make-up water and bleed-off to tower and/or sump tank.

2. Open drain valve in bottom of sump tank and lower the water level to a point where pump still circulates without cavitating. If pump sucks air, add minimum amount of make-up water to maintain circulation.

3. In order to clean the entire system, including cooling tower, sump tank, pump piping, and all associated equipment on the tower while system is in operation, you must first determine the tonnage of your cooling tower. Documentation supplied with your tower or nameplate on the tower should indicate the cooling capacity, in tonnage.

4. Please refer to the Sizing Chart (below) to compute the proper amount needed.

5. Slowly add this quantity of DYNAMIC DESCALER® to the sump pump over at least a two hour period.

6. Circulation time should be at least five hours during which all equipment should be online. However, anytime thereafter the make-up water can be turned on and the bleed-off opened and set to remove all of the dissolved solids from the system.

7. In order to purge all insoluble from closed circuit systems, it is suggested that after circulation, the drain valve should be opened and make-up water added until all water in system is clear. Close drain and establish proper bleed-off and make-up.

8. When convenient, it is recommended that the sump tank be drained and flushed and that the strainer screen be removed and inspected for any insoluble material.

When cleaning cooling towers and closed circuit coolers it is sometimes hard to determine the amount of scale build-up that has been accumulated over a period of time. It might be a case where you have a 500-ton cooling tower and you will need more than the recommended amount, which is 150 gallons of DYNAMIC DESCALER®. The amounts on the Sizing Chart (below) are just for the cooling tower and the closed circuit cooling only, not for the entire system, (pump piping and all the associated equipment that is using the cooling water). For the entrie system, take the tonnage and multiply by 0.7, which equals the amount of Dynamic Descaler® to be used. If you need technical assistance or have any questions, please contact us.


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Dynamic Descaler® is the trade name for a revolutionary liquid descaler that rapidly dissolves all water scale and lime plus it removes mud, rust, and other non-soluble sedimentation deposits safely and effectively. We also provide other descalers Descale 518 and Aqua Safe descaler for potable water applications.


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Dynamic Descaler® is used worldwide by leading companies in the following sectors: Industrial, Marine, Light Industrial. Descale 518 can be used on steel, iron, brass, copper, plastic and rubber. Ideal for holding tanks, reservoirs, heat exchangers & other stainless steel equipment. Aqua Safe effectively removes water scale and mussels from marine equipment on all types of vessels.

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Dynamic Descaler® provides indepth information of their complete product line. Dynamic Descaler® a revolutionary environmentally friendly liquid descaler. Descale 518 the safe and effective way to remove water scale on stainless steel, aluminium and galvanized metals. Aqua Safe is ideal for water heat exchangers, tankless hot water heaters, coolers, pumps, boilers, compressors, condensors, extruders, molds, cooling towers, furnaces, water piping systems and other water side heat exchange surfaces.

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