Mini Spot Ionizer - Haug Mini-Jet Ionizer from HAUG North America

Mini Spot Ionizer, Haug, Mini-Jet Ionizer, North AmericaWith its air assistance, the HAUG Mini-Jet ionizer MJ I neutralizes electrostatic surface charges highly effectively. It comes into its own in space-critical or complex installation situations, in particular. The air assistance allows positive and negative ions to be conveyed over larger distances. This ion flow neutralizes surface charges on workpieces. 

Commissioning is effected quickly and without tools by simple screw-connection of the high-voltage plug to the high-voltage power pack.

The Mini-Jet ionizer I has proved itself in day-to-day operation as a reliable aid, for example in injection moulding for the removal of electrostatic charges from the surfaces of small plastic parts.


Technical Data

Types Mini-Jet ionizer MJ I
without HV-cable,
without Air hose
Order-No.: 04.7613.000
Dimensions (H x W) 91 x 55 x 16 mm (LxWxH)
Nozzles Flat nozzle
Air consumption 315 l/min at 2 bar
Cable connection Ø 16 mm
Operating temperature +5 °C to +45 °C
Storage/transport temperature -15 °C to +60 °C
Smallest bending radius (cable) R 50

Subject to technical changes!


Mini Spot Ionizer, Haug, Mini-Jet Ionizer, North America


Compressed-air hose Order-No.: X-3310
HV-cable Order-No.: X-7000

Suitable Power Packs

Connectable lengths
(ionizing unit incl.
high-voltage cable)
EN SL max. 5 m
EN SL LC / EN SL RLC max. 10 m
EN 8 / EN 8 LC max. 18 m
Multistat max. 18 m
EN 70 / EN 70 LC max. 2 x 18 m




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