PlasmaDyne™ Atmospheric Plasma Treatment from 3DT

PlasmaDyne, Corona Treatment SystemMicro-clean and Activate Unresponsive Surfaces For Long-lasting Bonding.

PlasmaDyne™ uses Atmospheric Plasma Technology to treat a wide variety of surfaces such as plastics, rubber, glass, metals and composites. Through this process, the Atmospheric Plasma (highly ionized air stream) re-structures the chemical properties of the surface to allow adhesion of glues, coatings, laminates, paint, ink and other hard-to-bond materials. PlasmaDyne™ is also effective for cleaning materials by removing the impurities, contaminants, residue, and organic compounds from the surface.

The Power to Adhere.

PlasmaDyne™ enables you to treat multiple surfaces and difficult configurations with uniform coverage and ease. Capable of handling high line speeds, PlasmaDyne™ is a reliable solution for the adhesion of glues, coatings, laminates, paint, ink and other hard-to-bond materials.

Designed to provide easy treatability of injection/blow molded and extruded products, PlasmaDyne™ delivers consistent, uniform treatment to items with complex three-dimensional shapes including grooves, small cavities and other hard-to-reach areas. It radically enhances the surface for long-lasting adhesion, enabling you to produce a higher quality product.

Smart Technology.

Created by 3DT LLC, leaders in surface treatment technology, PlasmaDyne™ is designed with features unique to the industry.

  • wide nozzle treatingheadNext-generation plasmabeam technology – Dramatically enhances bonding results while eliminating inefficiencies, safety hazards and product damage potential of open flame treatments, chemical surface preparations and sanding techniques.

  • State-of-the-art, solid-state microprocessor circuitry – for more precision and control than previously possible.

  • Standard, self-contained units with one, two, four or eight heads including: Compact, long-lasting, welded and powder-coated steel cabinets containing; control system, front door control panel, side remote connector, high voltage transformer(s) and air supply system for the treating head(s). The treating head(s) are securely connected to the transformer via flexible air and HV hose(s).

  • Customizable – To meet your individual needs and requirements, system can be customized with up to 20 treating heads.

  • Compact, all-metal treating head(s) with ceramic air nozzle(s)* – Unmatched durability for low maintenance and greater precision for uniform treatment

  • Flexible, powerful treating range – Our standard head efficiently delivers a band of robust treatment from 3/8” to 1/2” within a proximity of 1” or less from your product. Expand treatment bandwidths to 5/8”, 1 1/2”, 2” or up to 8” with our wide nozzle treating head options*.

  • Self-contained air supply system – Uses a DC low-voltage, self-monitoring air blower to avoid contamination from compressed air that occurs with other systems.

  • Low/high treating level alarm – To ensure consistent, quality results, the system will stop the production line if treatment is compromised.

  • Compact design – Easily integrates into new or existing production lines.

*Patent Pending

Standalone treating head

Advantages for Your Bottom Line. PlasmaDyne™ is easy to use, cost-effective to operate and one of the world’s safest methods of surface treating. It offers you these money-saving advantages:

  • Ease integration and operation – Requires minimal space, is easily integrated onto a robotic arm or reciprocator and offers intuitive functionality for start to finish productivity.

  • Reduced downtime and maintenance – Combination of minimal elements, and state-of-the-art components means smoother operation and longer system life.

  • Designed for quick application changes – Minimizes downtime and produces consistent treatment.

  • Environmentally friendly – Eliminates the need for toxic primers and solvents and reduces VOC emissions. Facilitates the use of water-born or UV technology.

  • Workplace safe – Produces no ozone and eliminates the risk of high-voltage shocks and hazards of open flame or chemical treatments.

Advanced Surface Treating for Automotive Sealing Systems.

Self-contained floor model system easily integrates into new or existing extrusion lines. Rugged frame includes generator, output transformers, electrode assemblies, electrode adjustment system, guiding system, system enclosure, air supply system, control panel, air conditioning system and control system.

PlasmaDyne™ generates an in air shockproof plasma beam to uniformly treat surfaces for the adhesion of glue, coatings or laminates.
Uniquely designed to give you the ability to easily treat elastomer molded and extruded products – even those with grooves, small cavities and other hard-to-reach areas – PlasmaDyne™ allows you to work at line speeds up to 120 feet per minute. Plus, it provides consistent treatment even if the profile deviates from close proximity to the treating head. PlasmaDyne™ helps improve productivity while producing the highest quality bonding.

Cost-Saving Durability and Flexibility.

Traditional ceramic treating heads lack Flexibility, mechanical strength and require higher maintenance. Plus, quality results depend on maintaining consistent distance between the treating head and the surface to be treated. PlasmaDyne™’s treating heads are all metal and extremely durable.

That means low maintenance and uniform treatment of your conductive, semi-conductive and non-conductive areas. Designed for quick profile changes and product positions, Plasma-Dyne minimizes downtime while producing consistent treatment.

With a compactly designed treating head and an all-in-one utility tube, PlasmaDyne™ requires minimal space and is easily integrated into single or multiple orifice lines. Plus, PlasmaDyne™ is environmentally and workplace safe. It is user friendly, requires minimal maintenance, produces no ozone and eliminates the risk of high-voltage shocks.

PlasmaDyne™, Corona Treatment System PlasmaDyne™ Brochure

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What is Corona Treament and Plasma Treatment?

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