Aluminum Cleaner - Non-Butyl Degreaser | ALU Finish

Also Available As An Oil Separation Cleaner!

  • Super concentrated alkaline Non-Butyl Degreaser and non-acid Aluminum Brightener.

  • Very safe, easy to use formulation that will not etch glass.

  • Excellent 3-way cleaning action gives superior results on all painted and aluminum transportation equipment, air conditioning coils, concrete surfaces, machinery, industrial soils, and on all types of food contact surfaces.

USDA authorized A1 for cleaning all surfaces in meat, poultry, and egg processing plantsNot for use on zinc, and highly polished or anodized aluminum.


Dilute with hot or cold water for use. Apply manually, low or high pressure spray, steam foamer, or with a drive through system. When cleaning all surfaces of brightening aluminum, allow the cleaner to remain on the surface for 3-5 minutes. After cleaning, rinse away loosened soils with low or high-pressure water to leave a bright, sparkling surface.

*Routine cleaning with ALU FINISH will maintain aluminum surfaces in a clean bright and shiny condition!

General cleaning of average soiling----------1-3 oz/gallon.

Heavy duty general purpose cleaning--------4-6 oz/gallon.

Heavy duty cleaning and brightening---------12-16 oz/gallon.


Keep out of reach of children. Contains highly alkaline builders. Avoid eye and skin contact with concentrate. If contact occurs, wash area immediately with water until irritation stops. If irritation persists, see a physician.

See Material Safety Data Sheet

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