Rotoweb Electric Paper Roll Forklift Lifter

The Rotoweb Electric Paper Roll Forklift Lifter is delicate and strong as an hand. Very handy and easy to use and it’s the only one in its genre which can pick up and position the coils in horizontal and vertical position both on the pallet and on the floor. The rotation of 180° occurs by means of an hydraulic motor, reducer and a gear wheel, an electromechanical traction with electronical control for a delicate approach to the material to be handled and to the printing machine. The left/right translation, essential for a proper positioning of the clamp, is made through an oil-hydraulic cylinder with sliding on reinforcing rod treated with a thermic procedure.

Rotoweb Electric Paper Roll Forklift Lifter Technical

  • The capacity is Kg 600.
  • Special capacities, lifters and diameters are performed upon request.
  • The standard equipment consist of a clamp that is suitable for paper rolls with core diameter within 500 and 1200 mm.
  • The “Rotoweb” is manufactured in two models: the first one with small base and the second one with wide base. This last model garantees that the paper roll can be picked up and moved in all positions (horizontal, vertical, both on the pallet and on the floor).
  • We normally suggest our customer the “wide base” model for the above mentioned reasons.

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