Tech Sales Co., carries a thorough range of compressed air products for industrial compressed air applications. Some of our most popular applications include air operated conveyors, air knives, air amplifiers, adjustable air amplifiers, air jet, air nozzles, cabinet coolers, vortex tubes, air optimization and industrial housekeeping products.

Tech Sales Co., alos caries a thorough range of compressed airstatic control products for industrial compressed air applications. Some of our most popular applications include staitc eliminator bars, air blow off systems, static measuring systems, and power supplies.

Compressed Air Products from
Nex Flow™ Air Products Corp.

compressed air products, compressed air amplifiers, compressed air coolers, compressed air conveyors, compressed air blow off guns, compressed air vortex tubes
Compressed Air Static Control Products from
Haug North America.

Nex Flow™ Air Products

Haug North America


About Tech Sales Co.

Tech Sales Co., was established in 1983 with headquarters near Toronto, Canada, Tech Sales Co., maintains a network of branch offices and associated representatives and distributors across Canada. Our technical support in-house is strong with backup from principles around the world. Expertise is available in the following specific areas: compressed air blow off, static control, surface treatment of plastics, plastic flaw repair, non-hazardous chemicals, ultrasonic cleanings systems and other special technologies


Our Products

Tech Sales Co., is a manufacturers representative company devoted to unique technologies for industry. We represent Nex Flow™ Air Products Corp., HAUG North America, Dynamic Descaler and have other products for static control and elimination, corona treatment, plastic repair and environmentally friendly chemicals.

Sample Content

Tech Sales Co., provides an indepth information on Air Amplifiers, showing Nex-Flow™ Standard Air Amplifiers, Adjustable Air Amplifiers and Adjustable Gauged Air Amplifiers. Air Knives feature Standard Air-Blade™ Air Knives, Stainless Steel Air-Blade™ Air Knife, X-Stream™ Air-Blade™ Air Knife and our X-Stream™ Hard Anodized Air-Blade™ Air Knife. HAUG North America products feature Staic Elimination Products. Dynamic Descaler a revolutionary biodegradable descaler and much more information on is available on this web site.

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