Water Based Defoamers | DEFOAMER WB 500

Water Based Defoamers | DEFOAMER WB 500

Water Based Defoamers, superior nonpolluting that controls all types of foam in sewage aerators, digesters, scum blankets, cooling towers, industrial cleaning operations, pulp & paper production, and other applications where defoaming is a problem.

Provides awesome de-foaming in all applications including extreme acid or alkaline pH conditions, and all foam types with complete environmental safety.

Sewage Plants

For long-term foam control in activated sludge plant aeration tanks, digesters, sewage entry, or effluent lines. This low viscosity formulation does not require pre-dilution to achieve complete and rapid foam control.

Attach a small valve to the small bung of the Defoamer WB 500 Water Based Defoamers drum and run a small tubing to the entry fume of the aeration tank or area where foaming of waste occurs.

Drip 1 quart to 1 gallon of Defoamer WB 500 Water Based Defoamers per 10,000 gallons of waste (25-100 PPM) to stop foaming and allow the aerators and digesters to function at maximum capacity and efficiency. For immediate foam relief, overspray the area with a diluted solution (1-10) of the anti-foam.

Industrial Cleaning & Waste Defoaming

Spray or drip small amounts of Defoamer WB 500 Water Based Defoamers (100-200 PPM) into the water-based system where foam must be controlled or eliminated.

Defoamer WB 500 Water Based Defoamers do not effect paper processing, cleaning, cooling tower, or industrial processes. For quick foam knockdown, spray foam with a diluted solution of the Defoamer.



Keep out of reach of children. Mild eye irritant. Wash from eyes with water until irritation stops. Prolonged contact can irritate skin. Wash from skin with soap and water. Ingestion in quantity can cause severe diarrhea. Treat as soap ingestion.

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