Oxidation Inhibitor Oxy Stop White For Metal Corrosion Prevention

Oxidiation inhibitor concentrate OXY STOP WHITE stops corrosion & oxygen discoloration on many metals and their alloys. Oxidiation inhibitor concentrate OXY STOP WHITE produces a chemically bonded molecular barrier on the surface that protects and resists removal by washing with water and many organic solvents. Oxidiation inhibitor concentrate OXY STOP WHITE is much safer to apply than phosphatizing on steel and provides longer lasting protection than hazardous chromate and similar treatments.


  • Ecologically safe with a very low BOD & low animal or fish toxicity.

  • Leaves no greasy films and enhances subsequent fluxing, soldering, brazing, & coating operations.

  • Very economical because very small concentrations are effective.


Normally applied form 140-150ºF, aqueous solutions containing 1 part inhibitor to 10-20 parts water. Applications can be by spraying or dripping the article to be protected in the solution or conveying through the solution on a continuous basis. The inhibitor solution is alkaline and will become stable is acidified. Parts going into the solution after cleaning must be thoroughly rinsed or pass through a slightly alkaline solution to remove the acid to prevent the bath pH form dropping below 10. The bath concentration can be controlled by titration samples with normal acids & adjusting concentration accordingly. Drying temperatures up to 200ºF can be used with this inhibitor. If odors occur check the pH of the application bath immediately to see if it has been contaminated with acid and dropped below 10. Adjust the pH to 10.5 or 11 to stop odors & prevent bath fall out.


Keep out of reach of children. Mild eye irritant. Wash from eyes with water until irritation stops. Prolonged contact can irritate skin. Wash from skin with soap and water. Ingestion in quantity can cause severe diarrhea. Treat as soap ingestion.

Metal Corrosion, Prevention, Oxidation, Inhibitor, Oxy Stop White See Material Safety Data Sheet

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