Picklex® 20 - Metal Surface Cleaner - Surface Rust Remover

Picklex® 20 acts as a metal surface cleaner, surface rust remover, 100% rust converter, very long term rust inhibitor, pre-treatment/conversion coating and a sealer, for any ferrous & non-ferrous metal surface, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel etc.). Applied by spraying, brushing, wiping or dipping process. Picklex® 20 does not cover up rust.

Picklex® 20 performs multiple jobs in one-step as shown below:

  • Metal surface cleaner: Cleans light mill oil, cutting fluid dust

  • Surface rust/flash rust remover: Does not etch the metal surface and therefore the metal surface stays intact

  • Rust converter: Converts 100% rust and scale (pitted rust and heat scale such as mill scale) on the metal surface to a pre-treatment/conversion coating, ready for welding & finishing

  • Rust inhibitor: Picklex® 20 coating provides a very long-term indoor rust prevention (in terms of several years).

  • Pre-treatment/Conversion Coating: Picklex® 20 is the only pre-treatment/conversion coating used in the manual priming/painting process, which can also remove the mill oil/cutting fluid, surface rust, seal the coating and stop the oxidation, all in one step. Any subsequent operations, such as welding, priming, liquid painting, powder coating, electro-static painting etc.

  • Sealer: Picklex® 20 coating seals by itself from moisture/humidity and stops further oxidation

  • De-Scalar: De-scales, condition the metal, pickle, provides pre-treatment/conversion coating, seals the coating & stops further oxidation for hot rolled steel with mill scale or heat treat scale in one-step dipping process, with no sludge, no waste disposal. Picklex® 20 is consumed completely.

  • Welding/Anti-spatter compound: Welding can be successfully performed over Picklex® 20 coated surface. Increases weld strength considerably and No weld spatter forms. Welding can also be performed without removing the mill scale on hot rolled steel and still achieve equal or better results than AWS process. Spraying on the weld provides a very long term rust protection for the weld and also provides a pre-treatment for bonding with the top coating. Does not cause Hydrogen embrittlement, therefore the chances of weld failure is almost zero.

  • Galvanized steel, Aluminum preparation: Picklex® 20 prepares galvanized steel & aluminum surface by one-step spraying / brushing before painting (eliminates blasting)

  • Stainless Steel preparation: The only Green product which completely passivates stainless steel surface, eliminates blasting.

  • Picklex® 20 replaces the “Wash Primer with Chromate” which is highly toxic

  • The Picklex® 20 coating can withstand very high temperature (around 2000ºF). Note: High temperature top coating can be used (baking temperature up to around 2000ºF, such as ceramic coating, high temperature paint etc.)

For new metal surfaces, Picklex20 eliminates the following:

  • Solvent or degreaser to remove mill oil/cutting fluid
  • Acid
  • Blasting or Sanding
  • Rusting problem
  • Adhesion (bonding) failure
  • Welding failure
  • Eliminates quite a few traditional steps
  • Re-Work

Picklex® 20 has very high coverage, saving labor, time, cost & energy considerably.

Picklex® 20 is Developed and MADE IN USA.

Value Added Product Tested/Verified By US EPA

Picklex® 20 Technical Data Sheet
Picklex® 20 Safety Data Sheet

Industries Using Picklex® 20

  • OEM
  • Metal Fabricator
  • Aerospace
  • Marina
  • Automotive Aftermarket
  • Machine Shop
  • Military Metal fabrication
  • Farm equipment
  • Small Powder Coating job shop
  • Mining
  • Injection Molding
  • Welding shop
  • Metal Furniture
  • DOT
  • Media Blasting Job Shop

Picklex® 20 Sizes

Picklex® 16 oz. Spray Bottle

Picklex 20: 16 oz. Spray Bottle covers 200 sq. ft. on bare metal surfaces. Only one very thin coating needed (the product cost comes out to be few cents per sq.ft. of surface area).

Picklex®32 oz. Jug

Picklex 20: 32 oz. Jug covers 400 sq. ft. on bare metal surfaces. Only one very thin coating needed (the product cost comes out to be few cents per sq.ft. of surface area).

Picklex® 1 Gallon Jug

Picklex 20: 1 gallon Jug covers 1600 sq. ft. on bare metal surfaces. Only one very thin coating needed (the product cost comes out to be few cents per sq.ft. of surface area).

Picklex®5 Gallon Pail

Picklex® 20: 5 gallons Pail covers 8000 sq. ft. on bare metal surfaces. Only one very thin coating needed (the product cost comes out to be few cents per sq.ft. of surface area).

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