Rust Remover and Scale Remover - Scale Gone 35

(35% Food Grade Acid)
Environmentally Safe, Cost Effective Industrial Chemicals

Composition and Effectiveness

Scale Gone 35 Rust and Scale Remover is a combination of biodegradable, non-toxic food grade organic acids, detergents, penetrants, stabilizers, catalysts and other safe ingredients. It is totally safe environmentally and essentially non-toxic to man.

Scale Gone 35 Rust and Scale Remover is a very effective and completely safe alternative to the highly toxic and corrosive mineral acids commonly used for derusting, and removal of mill scale and water scale from steel, steel alloys, iron, stainless steel, chrome, nickel plate, plastics, glass, glazed tiled and painted surfaces. Used cautiously, Scale Gone Rust and Scale Remover is also safer and very rapidly cleans soft metals such as copper, brass, aluminum, magnesium, zinc and their alloys. It is as effective in rust and scale removal as mineral acids but slower in action unless used hot.

Scale Gone 35 Rust and Scale Remover can safely be heated at any temperature up to the boiling point where its activity equals or exceeds the dangerous mineral acids. Scale Gone Rust and Scale Remover saves you money and insurance costs in handling hazardous mineral acids and disposing of the toxic waste residues from their use. It also eliminates the disposal of the alkaline neutralization bath used in most mineral acid derusting operations. After derusting with Scale Gone Rust and Scale Remover you only have to rinse the steel clean with water ad dry to prevent the cleaned surface form flash rusting.

The tendency for a Scale Gone 35 Rust and Scale Remover cleaned surface to again rust is much less than mineral acid cleaned surfaces, but the use of a rust inhibitor treatment is recommended for prolonged storage of cleaned items.

Environmental Impact and Disposal

The ingredients in Scale Gone 35 Rust and Scale Remover are naturally occurring, environmentally safe organic substances obtained from biological processes. They are widely distributed in nature, involved in cellular metabolism and naturally occur in our waterways. The components are completely and rapidly biodegraded in activated sludge sewage treatment plants to environmentally safe carbon dioxide and water.

The oxygen demand for complete biological oxidation is 0.20 milligrams of oxygen per milligram of Scale Gone Rust and Scale Remover. Spent solutions of Scale Gone Rust and Scale Remover that contain only solubilized iron (rust) and calcium (scale) ions are non-toxic and completely biodegradable. They can be safely sewered in most areas and effectively disposed of by public or private sewage treatment facilities.

If the acidity is still high in the spent solution neutralization with a small amount of soda ash or lime is recommended before disposal. Since Scale Gone Rust and Scale Remover is completely and rapidly biodegradable it will not build up in the environment. Essentially non-toxic, it does not constitute a significant toxicological hazard to man or his environment, as do many other derusting chemicals now in use.

Safety In Use

Scale Gone 35 Rust and Scale Remover contains no toxic substances, no volatile acids, and no hazardous mineral acids and does not give off toxic fumes. It has no flash point and is completely non-flammable. Unlike inorganic acid Rust Prevention it is non-corrosive to the skin and respiratory system. Therefore protective clothing, rubber shoes and gas masks are not required for the safety of personnel using this product.

We do advise strongly against ingesting Scale Gone Rust and Scale Remover because its mild acidity will cause severe gastrointestinal upset and requires medical attention where large quantities are ingested. We recommend you wear safety glasses or goggles to avoid eye contact and prevent eye irritation. If contact occurs wash out eyes immediately with water. The irritation will stop and unlike mineral acids no permanent eye damage will occur. If you have open wounds or other sensitive skin areas, wear rubber or plastic gloves to avoid skin irritation and make working with this product as pleasant as it is safe. Scale Gone Rust and Scale Remover does not cause toxic or corrosion hazards to operating personnel or damage the environment.

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General Product Uses

Scale Gone Rust and Scale Remover was scientifically developed over a period of years as an effective and safe method of removing rust and all types of scale from mild steel, carbon steel, steel alloys, and low chromium stainless steel and cast iron parts.

Scale Gone 35 Rust and Scale Remover is also very effective and safe for removing rust, tarnish, oxides, dirt, cement, plaster of Paris, water marks, food residues and heat scale and weld marks from 300 to 400 series stainless steel, monel, copper, brass, aluminum and its many alloys, all plastics, glass, painted surfaces, porcelain, glazed tile, chrome plate, nickel plate and fabrics with acid stable dyes.

When removing copper or rust stains from colored fabrics check the deruster on an unexposed part of the fabric to be sure the dye is stable before removing the stain.

Specific Applications

Scale Gone 35 Rust and Scale Remover has been found to be safe and extremely effective for removing fouling and scale from fire-tube and water-tube industrial steam boilers, marine boilers, utility boilers, cast iron boilers, shell and tube heat exchangers, water lines, water side of oil coolers, evaporators, cooling towers, aluminum and copper air conditioning and refrigeration heat exchangers and water jackets on electric motors.

Scale Gone 35 Rust and Scale Remover also is very effective and safe for the industrial cleaning of copper, brass, aluminum, nickel, steel and shot cleaned stainless steel, zinc and alloy castings, galvanized steel, concrete molds, gas wells, cleaning and etching cement floors for paint adherence, pre-electroplate cleaning and cleaning steel for better paint adhesion.

Automotive applications are copper and aluminum radiator cleaning, antique car restoration cleaning, parts derusting and cleaning, aluminum truck brightening, cement truck cleaning, transmission housing cleaning, pre-paint rust removal, bumper cleaning and safe brightening of mag wheels.

Scale Gone 35 Rust and Scale Remover is sold as a concentrate that is cut with water for use. At temperatures below 150 F rust removal is slow and the cleaning of soft metals is fast. However from temperatures of 165 F up to the boiling point the rust removal rate on heavily rusted steel surfaces is much faster and corrosion rates on the steel are very low. High temperatures also enhanced rust removal rates on light and medium rust levels. Brushing heavily rusted surfaces and agitating by boiling, circulating or stirring also helped rust removal. Before removing rust from steel surfaces, always check the system for copper, brass or other soft metal alloys and isolate them from contact with the cleaning solution if cleaning is to be done hot.

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