Carbicote Strippable Coatings

Carbicote,Strippable,CoatingsCarbicote® - water-based Strippable Coatings that can be easily removed from many surfaces.

Carbicote® is commonly used as safe peel-off protection for spray booth walls, lights, and windows.

Carbicote® Bright White Water Base protects spray booth walls with a reflective strippable coating.
(See upper hand)

Carbicote® Crystal Clear Water Base protects spray booth lights and windows with a transparent strippable coating. (See lower hand)

Carbicote® is the EASY solution to Spray Booth Maintenance :

EASY to use.  Apply Carbicote® by spray, brush, or roller.  It dries quickly, forming a removable barrier in minutes.  Cleanup with soap and water, no solvent required!

EASY to strip.  Carbicote® has excellent cohesion.  When pulled, it stretches and peels off in large sheets.  It retains its flexibilty, does not become brittle with age.  Carbicote also has excellent adhesion.  It adheres well to most surfaces including stainless steel.

EASY to store.  Carbicote® is nonflammable; store it in the painting area ready for use.  No "flash fire" danger from open containers; no special paint locker needed.

EASY to handle.  Carbicote® meets EPA and OSHA requirements for low solvent emission and safety in the workplace.  Safe as latex paint to handle, no smelly solvent odor.

EASY to ship.  Ship Carbicote® anywhere, anytime! No special handling required.  Freeze-thaw stable, Carbicote® has a bulit in safety factor that protects it from accidental freezing. (Carbicote® should be kept at normal temperatures whenever possible.)

Carbicote,Strippable,CoatingsCarbicote® Strippables at a glance:

942 Carbicote® Bright White High Solids Water Base.  Fastest drying, brightest white.  A high percentage of Titanium Dioxide pigment - the brightest, most opaque pigment available - provides maximum reflectivity and coverage.  Carbit's finest white strippable.

943 Carbicote® Bright White Water Base.  Fast drying, bright white.  Surpasses most conventional coatings in coverage per gallon.  Economical in cost. 

945 Carbicote® Crystal Clear Water Base.  See through clarity!  Light passes through Crystal Clear unaffected in brightness level or color rendition.

Also available: 946 White Solvent Base Strippable Coating.  Fast drying, same bright white as Carbicote®.  Excellent coverage, outperforms all other products in its class.


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