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TubeDyne, Corona Treating SystemTubeDyne™ Corona Treating System

The TubeDyne™ Corona Treating System is designed for outside treatment of catheter tube ends. Any tubing up to 0.375" in diameter can be placed in the holding fixture and receive uniform Corona treatment at a length of approximately 1.25".

TubeDyne is a compact, self-contained tabletop Corona Treating System including integrated generator, transformer, electrode assembly, holding fixture and ozone filter. The system is PLC-controlled and features an operator console with a human machine inter face (HMI), including: monochrome touch screen with status menu, run time log, service hour log and alarm/trouble-shooting screen.

Dynamic Descaler® Biodegradable Descaler

Dynamic Descaler, Biodegradable Descaler, water scale remover, lime scale remover, dirt removerDynamic Descaler® is the trade name for a revolutionary liquid descaler that rapidly dissolves all water scale and lime plus it removes mud, rust, and other non-soluble sedimenation deposits safely and effectively.

As a Plant Manager or Maintenance Engineer you already know that water scale on any heat transfer surface reduces the effectiveness of that heat transfer. This results in reduced equipment efficiency while increasing energy consumption, increasing costs and even increasing plant downtime.

Carbicote,Strippable,Coatings Carbicote® Strippable Coatings

Carbicote® water-based strippable coatings can be easily removed from many surfaces. Carbicote® strippable coatings is commonly used as safe peel-off protection for spray booth walls, lights, and windows.

Carbicote® Bright White Water Base protects spray booth walls with a reflective strippable coating. (See upper hand)

Carbicote® Crystal Clear Water Base protects spray booth lights and windows with a transparent strippable coating. (See lower hand)

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