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The Industrial Timers, Industrial Counter, Counters/Timers Directory section from Process Controls and Instrumentation Buyers Guide is a comprehensive directory resource of air amplifier manufacturers and suppliers in Canada.

The Industrial Timers, Industrial Counter, Counters/Timers Directory offers access to many industrial timers, counters/timers from industry leading industrial timers manufacturers.

The Industrial Timers, Industrial Counter, Counters/Timers Directory features Industrial timers, counters/timers features digital timers, programmable counters/timers, countdown timers, industrial timers, multi-function timers, solid state timers interval timers, analog timers and more for the industrial timer market from world's leading manufacturers of industrial timers.



Quick and easy access to many counter, industrial counters from industry leading industrial counter manufacturers. Process Controls And Instrumentation provides a comprehensive range of counters, industrial counters, industrial counter manufacturers and suppliers to match your unique needs.

Digital Counter/Timer

Counting from encoder (phase A, phase B) or from digital input, incremental or decremental, active on edge-up or edge-down, partial and total. Multifunction device size 32x74mm. Two outputs are configurable for opposite, synchronous, independent and timed operations. Four different configurations are possible.

Digital Scalable Counter or Timer is very versatile and full featured to allow solving most single and dual level timer application problems. The dual 5 digit LED digital displays allow monitoring progress of the process time while also showing the 5 digit setpoint.

Industrial Timers - Diehl Controls

Synchronous Series 220/270, Quartz Series 222/272, Series 16000, Digital Timers, Digital Series 300, Electromechanical Timers, Synchronous Series 100, Quartz Series 120.

Interval Timers - Time Mark

Interval Timers Models 332 and 362 are designed for a wide usage in new or replacement industrial applications. Examples include automatic and batch control circuits, where the relay needs to be energized for a specific length of time after start-up.

LE3S Digital Timer is a universal Digital Timer that features excellent application flexibility with 10 timing ranges and 10 counting modes that are front panel, user selectable. The LCD provides the operator a wide range of information: output relay contact status time remaining during timing cycle, a bar graph that indicates percentage of elapsed time in the cycle and time unit.

Multi-Function Multi-Range Timer Model 651 is a microprocessor-based device capable of performing four different timing modes over three different timing ranges. The timing ranges allow for delays from,100 milliseconds to 99 hours 59 minutes.

Industrial Timers, Industrial Counters, Industrial, Timers, Counters

Programmable Timers are compact digital timeswitchs which provides precise timing with the flexibility of daily or weekly programming. Simple and fast setting by means of push buttons and display prompts.

Programmable 7 Day Timers are compact digital time switches which provide precise timing with the flexibility of daily or weekly programming. Simple and fast setting by means of push buttons and display prompts.

Programmable Counter/Timer

Model 248P is a microprocessor based, multifunction, multirange, programmable Counter / Timer housed in a 1/16 DIN case which may be panel, wall or DIN rail mounted via it's 11 pin termination using industry standard 11 pin sockets. It features an ultra bright high visibility dual LED display of set point value (green digits 7mm high) and actual 'timing value' (red digits 10mm high).

Solid State Multi Function 1/16 DIN Timer, is a cost effective product that has excellent application flexibility with 4 operating modes, and sixteen time ranges, that are all selectable from the front panel.

Time Delay Relays - Time Mark

Programmable timers, interval timers, recycle timers, override timers, release-delay-relays, operate-delay-relays, on-off-delay-relays.

Timers - TimeTech

TimeTech a specialized global manufacturer/supplier for timer based controls & synchronous motors. TimeTech products mainly refer five kinds with perfect quality and competitive price: Mechanical Timers, Electromechanical Tmers, Electronic Timers, Synchronous Motors, Thermostats.

Timers - Tele-Haase

Timers from TELE, ranging from the simple single-function through to the multi-function timer with display, are employed in all branches of industry. The brain chip of your application-specific miniature controller is the ideal solution for realizing custom control applications within minimum space at low-cost. Various voltage ranges or even zoom supply are available to permit worldwide application.

Timers And Controls - Airotronics

Versatile and reliable, timers and controls from Airotronics are putting power to work in transportation and industry, agriculture and appliances, manufacturing and services across North America and around the world. By managing the flow and form of power in a wide variety of specialized applications, our innovative products make things happen at the right time in your systems, environments, vehicles and inventions.

Universal Voltage Relay Timers - Peltec

Available in a wide variety of timing modes including Delay on Make, Delay on Break, Recycle, True Off Delay and Multi Function. DIN Rail design ensures easy installation.

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