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TDP Single Shot On Make Timers - TDP Timers

TDP Single Shot On Make Timers - TDP Timers
TDP Timers

The TDP Single Shot on Make units are high performance analog solid-state timers with octal, magnal round and QC bases for plug-in installation. They incorporate relays which can handle up to 10 amp loads in SPDT, DPST and DPDT formats. The metal enclosure provides a high degree of RFI shielding.

Timing Mode

Power must be applied to the input voltage terminals continuously. Upon closure of a Normally Open (N.O.) external initiate switch, the load is instantaneously energized and the time delay cycle starts. Maintained closure or actuation of the external initiate switch during the delay cycle will not affect the time delay period. When the delay period expires the timer will reset to its original position and the timer is ready for another cycle.

  • CMOS IC digital timing
  • Multi-board construction
  • Relays are sealed
  • Proven circuitry
  • Standard octal (8 pin), magnal (11 pin) plug-ins or 4.75 mm (.187") blade terminal mountings
  • Fixed or variable time adjustment
  • Optional remote time adjustment
  • Timing ranges from .05 to 1000 seconds standard (special time settings and ranges up to 72 hours also available)
  • 0.1% Repeat accuracy
  • 100% Operational testing before shipping
Input Voltage: VAC: 24 to 240, 50/60 Hz

Relay Output Contacts: DPDT 10A resistive, 28VDC, 120/240 VAC, HP rated, Gold flashed silver

Repeat Accuracy: ±1% or better within operating voltage and temperature range

Recycle Effects: Negligible. No first cycle or delta effect

Time Range End: At minimum time -15%

Timing Ranges: .2 to 360 seconds in nine ranges

Limit Tolerances: At maximum time +10%. Minimum time delay can be .05 sec

Operating Voltage: ±20% of nameplate voltage

Temperature Ranges:

  • Storage: -40°C + 85°C
  • Operating: -10°C to +65°C
    -40°C operation available
Life Expectancy:
  • Mechanical: Up to 10 million operations
  • Electrical: Life dependent depending on contact full current load
  • Transient Protection: 2000V for 1 millisecond
Power Requirement: 2.5 watts max.

Weight: Approx. 6 oz. (170g)

Dielectric Strength 1800V RMS 60 Hz case to terminals standard

Relay Pull-In Time: Approx. 10 msec after energized

Reset/Recycle Time: 15 msec after power removal

Mode of Operation Series Input Voltage Time Ranges Time Adjust. Method Terminal
Mounting Style
Shot On
TDP 1 120 VAC
50/60 Hz.

2 230 VAC
50/60 Hz.

3 24 VAC
50/60 Hz.

8 Special VAC
VARIABLE TIME PERIODS A Variable integral knob on timer

B Variable external knob remote

C Fixed, internal factory set

D Fixed external resistor remote
1 8 pin round
octal base

2 11 pin round
magnal base

3A .187 QC blade terminals
plus side bracket

4A .187 QC blade terminals
plus top bracket

5A .187 QC blade terminals
without bracket

BB Base bracket (octal and magnal only)

001 .2 to 1.2 sec.
006 .2 to 6 sec.
015 .2 to 15 sec.
030 .2 to 30 sec.
060 .2 to 60 sec.
120 .2 to 120 sec.
180 .2 to 180 sec.
240 .2 to 240 sec.
360 .2 to 360 sec.
Specify time in full seconds or hours followed by the letter "S" or "H" and the decimal amount of the main time unit and the decimal amount of the main time unit.
Examples: 5S5 is 5.5 secs.

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