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Cube Relay Interval On Timers - TGLB Timers

Cube Relay Interval On Timers - TGLB Timers
TGLB Timers

TGLB series Cube Relay Interval On timers are a unique combination of digital CMOS timing circuitry with a relay output in a compact 2" x 2" configuration. For users of solid-state timers, these units provide the same functional performance as plug-in relay timers, but at a significant cost savings. The relay common is connected to (+) or hot.


Timing Mode

Application of input voltage to the timer energizes the load and starts the time delay. At the end of the time delay, the load is de-energized. Removal and re-application of input voltage re-sets the timer.

  • High current carrying capacity up to 20 amps
  • Transient protected
  • 100% Load isolation
  • No leakage in N.O. position
  • No heat sinking required
  • Available in any time delay period required
  • Digital CMOS timing
  • No minimum load required
  • Totally encapsulated for protection from harsh environments
  • 100% Operational testing before shipping
Input Voltage:
  • VDC: 12,24 or 48
  • VAC: 24,48,120 or 230,50/60 Hz
Time Delay:
  • Timing Mode: Interval On
  • Type: Digital CMOS
  • Time Range: 0.2 seconds to 24 hours
  • Time Adjustment: Factory fixed time period; Variable, with adjustments on timer, or terminals for external resistors or potentiometers

Repeatability: ±5%

Setting Accuracy:

  • Fixed time periods: ±10% of nominal time
  • Variable time ranges:
  • +15% -5% max. time, -10% min. time
Reset Time/Recycle Time: 25 milliseconds

Initiate Time: 6 milliseconds or less

Relay Output:

  • Form: Standard - SPST N.O.
    Optional - SPST N.C., SPDT
Relay Life Expectancy:
  • Mechanical: 20 million operations
  • Electrical: 100,000
  • Contact Material: Silver nickel, gold plated, or silver cadmium oxide
  • Polarity Protection: All DC units have reverse polarity protection
  • Transient Protection: 18 joules
  • Dielectric Strength: 1800V RMS 60 Hz
Temperature Ranges:
  • Storage: -40°C + 85°C
  • Operating: -25°C to +85°C
Physical Data:
  • Mounting: Surface with one #8 screw
  • Connection & termination: 0.25" quick connects
Mode of Operation Series Input Voltage Time Ranges Time Adjustment Method Relay Output Form Options
Interval On TGLB
  1. 120 VAC
  2. 230 VAC
  3. 24 VAC
  4. 24-28 VDC
  5. 48 VAC
  6. 48 VDC
  7. 12 VDC
  8. Any in between AC voltage (specify)
  9. Any in between DC voltage (specify>
  1. Variable, integral, knob on timer.
  2. Variable, external knob remote.
  3. Fixed, internal, factory set
  4. Fixed, external resistor remote
  1. SPDT

  2. SPST

  3. SPST
H Heavy duty, 10 amps (6 amps relay standard)

J 20 amps
(1.5 HP)

0001 0.5 to 1 sec.
0001 0.5 to 1 sec.
0010 .1 to 10 sec.
0100 1 to 100 sec.
1000 10 to 1000 sec.
Any range up to 24 hours avaialble.
Specify time in full seconds or hours folowed by the letter "S" or "H" and the decimal amount of the main time unit.
Examples: 5S5 is 5.5 secs
5H5 is 5.5 hours

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