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Solid-State Output Timers With Digital Timing - TH3KA Timers

Solid-State Output Timers With Digital Timing - TH3KA Timers
TH3KA Timers

TH3KA timers are solid-state output units with digital timing and similar on/off cycle times. The TH comes in a 2" square case. Ease of installation and hook-up is a primary design benefit. All models with integral time adjustment knob or factory-fixed time require only three connections. Units with external time adjustment have two additional terminals for the resistor or potentiometer.


Timing Mode

Application of input voltage to the timer starts the “On” time delay. At the end of the “On” time delay, the “Off” time delay starts. At the end of the “Off” time delay, the load is again energized, the timer returns to the “On” time delay, and the cycling continues as long as input voltage is applied. Removal of the input voltage resets the timer.

  • Digital timing, solid-state output
  • 1 Amp current load handling
  • 10 Amps single AC cycle surge handling
  • 3 Operating voltages 24, 120 and 230 VAC
  • .1% Repeat accuracy
  • Virtually unlimited time ranges
  • Factory-fixed or variable-timing adjustment
  • Totally encapsulated for protection from harsh environments
  • O-ring sealed exposed controls
  • Single screw mounting through center mounting hole
  • Standard 6.35mm (.250") quick connect blade terminals
  • Three terminal connections allow convenient substitution for other manufacturers’ timers
  • 100% Operational testing before shipping

Repeat Accuracy: 0.1% under fixed conditions

Timing Ranges:

  • 0.1 sec. to 24 hours (1 sec., 10 sec.,
  • 100 sec., and 1000 secs. are standard.) Special time ranges available upon request

Reset/Recycle Time: 200 milliseconds


  • Fixed: 10% of nominal time (optional: – 5%, 1%)
  • Variable: -0%, +15%
  • Limit: -10% at minimum time

Recycle Effect: None

Temperature Ranges:

  • Storage: -40° C to +85° C
  • Operating: -25° C to +85° C

Life Expectancy:

    No predictable failure if used within operating parameters


  • Transient Protection: 18 joules
  • Dielectric Strength: 1800V RMS 60 Hz

Power Requirement: .25 watts max.

Weight: 3 oz. (85g) maximum

Solid-State Output: SPST (N.C.)

Load Current: 1 amp continuous, 10 amps single AC cycle surge

Time Cycle Interrupt: Resets timer to original state
(Input Voltage Break)

Mode of Operation Series Input Voltage Time Ranges Time Adjustment Method
Repeat-Cycle On/Off Delay TH3KA
  1. 120 VAC
    50/60 Hz
  2. 230 VAC
    50/60 Hz
  3. 24 VAC
    50/60 Hz

0001 .1 to 1 sec.
0010 .1 to 10 sec.
0100 1 to 100 sec.
1000 10 to 1000 sec.

Any range up to 24 hours available on special order.

Specify in seconds (S) or hours (H)
  • 400S is 400 seconds
  • 05H5 is 5.5 hours
  1. Variable, integral, knob on timer.
  2. Variable, remote potentiometer timer
  3. Fixed, internal, factory set.
  4. Fixed, external resistor remote.

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