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Delay Timer With Audio Warning - TWZCU Timed Beeper

Delay Timer With Audio Warning - TWZCU Timed Beeper
TWZCU Timed Beeper

TWZCU is an on delay timer with an audio warning of time out. It can operate between 96 and 240 VAC input voltages. It has an open board configuration and is designed for panel mounting.


Timing Mode

Application of supply voltage will start the timing period. After the selected delay, the beeper will be energized. Removal and re-application of power resets the unit.

  • Wide voltage input
  • Time periods up to one hour
  • Panel mount with single 3/8" threaded bushing
  • Transient protected
  • Digital CMOS timing
  • 0.5% Repeat accuracy
  • 85Db Volume
  • 100% Operational testing before shipping
Input Voltage: VAC: 96 to 240, 50/60 Hz

Time Delay:

  • Timing Mode: On Delay
  • Type: Digital CMOS
  • Available Time Range: Up to 1 hour at 100/1 ratio

Repeatability: ±.5%

Setting Accuracy:
Variable time range:+15% max. time, -10% min. time

Reset/Recycle Time: 0.5 sec.


  • Volume: 85 Db
  • Frequency: Intermittent or steady state
  • Transient Protection: 25 joules
  • Dielectric Strength: 1800V RMS 60 Hz
Temperature Ranges:
  • Storage: -25°C + 85°C
  • Operating: 0°C to +60°C
Physical Data:
  • Mounting: Panel mount with 3/8" threaded bushing (7/16" hole)
  • Connection & Termination: 0.25" quick connects
Mode of Operation Series Input Voltage Time Ranges Time Adjust.Method Audio
On Delay
Audio Warning
TWZC U 96-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

3 24V AC/DC
VARIABLE TIME PERIODS A Variable, integral, knob on timer S Steady tone
(1 second intermittent is standard)
0001 1.0 sec
0010 .1 to 10 sec
0030 1 to 100 sec
0060 10 to 1000 sec
0120 120 sec
0300 300 sec

Ranges up to 1 hour available

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