1000E Electronic Time Recorder

1000E Electronic Time Recorder





The new Model 1000E Electronic Time Recorder is designed for small businesses that need a flexible and affordable way to record time for payroll, job and document tracking. The Model 1000E is packed with features normally found in time recorders costing hundreds of dollars more.

Unlike traditional time recorders, the 1000E never needs resetting following a power interruption, due to its lithium battery-backed memory. The perpetual calendar until the year 2099 changes the year, month and date and even adjusts for daylight savings automatically. The unit can be programmed to print automatically by simply inserting a card, or it can be triggered manually for accurate print alignment.

The clock is accurate within 3 minutes per year, and has the ability to print seconds, the time in AM/PM or 24 hours, and two or four-digit years. For document stamping, the 1000E can be programmed to append any one of 13 preset comments, such as PAID, RCVD or SENT. Besides English, the 1000E can print in Spanish, French or Portuguese.

The 1000E is an ideal solution for businesses with just a few employees that don't want to buy separate clocks for recording payroll time, tracking jobs, and stamping important documents. The 1000E can do it all at an affordable price.


1000E Electronic Time Recorder

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