2602 Voltage Sensor from Time Mark

2602, Voltage Sensor, Time MarkThe Model 2602 Voltage Sensor is a rapid response device for sensing a low voltage condition on 120 VAC, 60 Hz, single phase power systems. Operating power is drawn from the same line being monitored. Upon sensing a voltage below 80 VAC, the internal relay, which is energized under normal operating conditions, will drop out.

The solid-state Voltage Sensor will respond in one-half of an AC cycle (8.33 msec.), plus the flight time of the relay (20 msec. max.). When the voltage rises above 84 VAC, an internal 10-second timer begins. When the time delay elapses the relay will automatically re-energize.

  • Protects voltage-sensitive equipment

  • Reset delay timer

  • Automatic reset

  • DPDT output relay

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2602, Voltage Sensor, Time Mark


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