261XBX Alternating Relay from Time Mark

261XBX, Alternating Relay, Time MarkThe Model 261XBXP(R) Alternating Relay uses the same solid-state latching and control circuit as all the other 261 series models, the enclosure and the connecting base being the major differences.

This version was designed to replace a long time and widely used mechanical latching relay offered by another manufacturer. The modern circuitry used the Model 261XBXP offers a vast improvement in reliability and useful life over the mechanical type. The XBXP version of the relay requires closing the control switch to begin alternation, and the XBXPR version requires opening the control switch to begin alternation.

Replacement of the original mechanical alternator with the Model 261XBXP requires the addition of wire from L1 to Pin 5 of the connector in order to supply continuous power to the solid-state circuit. Available in two voltage versions for use with 24 VAC/DC or 120 VAC/DC.

  • Solid-state reliability

  • Socket mounted

  • Heavy-duty contact ratings


261XBX, Alternating Relay, Time Mark


261XBX, Alternating Relay, Time Mark


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