2644 3 Phase Monitor from Time Mark

2644, 3 Phase Monitor, Time MarkThe Model 2644 3-Phase Monitor continuously monitors 3-phase Wye or Delta systems for abnormal conditions.

The solid-state electronic sensing circuitry drives an internal DPDT relay, allowing the Model 2644 to operate two motor control circuits, or a control circuit and an alarm circuit. An adjustable trip delay reduces or eliminates nuisance tripping caused by momentary voltage fluctuations on motor start-up. An optional restart delay gives approximately a 3.5-minute delay when the relay drops out, to allow compressor head pressures to bleed off, in the event of short-term power failures.

Voltage adjustment ranges are sufficiently wide to allow for proper calibration to existing conditions. Both TRIP and NORM indicators are provided to aid in adjustment and system troubleshooting. Automatic and manual reset versions are available. The Model 2644 Monitor is not sensitive to line current, and can be used with any size
motor or compressor.

  • Monitors low voltage, phase loss and phase reversal

  • Optional restart delay

  • UL Recognized and CSA Certified

  • 5-Year unconditional warranty

  • Automatic or manual reset

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2644, 3 Phase Monitor, Time Mark


2644, 3 Phase Monitor, Time Mark


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