2732 Single Phase Current Monitor from Time Mark

2732, Single Phase Current Monitor, Time MarkThe Model 2732 Single Phase Current Monitor is designed to continuously monitor single-phase AC current. It consists of a solid-state sensing circuit driving an internal electromechanical relay. The Model 2732 has two operating modes: over-current sensing or under-current sensing. The operating mode is selected by means of a slide switch on the monitor.

When operating voltage is applied, and the current level is correct according to the operating mode, the relay will energize. A fault condition will cause the OVER/UNDER LED on the monitor to illuminate, and the trip delay will begin. If correct current is restored, the relay remains energized. If current is not restored during the delay period, the relay will de-energize and the red TRIP indicator will illuminate.

The Model 2732 has three reset configurations: automatic, manual (add jumper), or manual remote (add switch). The standard model, as provided, will reset automatically.

  • Detects over or under current

  • Adjustable trip delay

  • Automatic or manual reset

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2732, Single Phase Current Monitor, Time Mark


2732, Single Phase Current Monitor, Time Mark


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