276XR Current Transmitter/Receiver from Time Mark

276XR, Current Transmitter/Receiver, Time MarkThe Model 276XR Current Transmitter/Receiver consists of two identical modules. One module accepts the input from a standard CT, while the second module is connected to a current monitor. The Transmission lines between the two modules can be up to 1000 feet long.

The input module will accept any current input from zero to 5 amps, while the output module will produce a zero to 5 amp signal. Line loss across 1000 feet is no more than 6% of the input. The Model 276XR module will operate with any AC current from 50 to 400 Hz. No supply voltage is required to operate the transmitter/receiver link.

  • Allows longer transmission lines
    from CT to current monitor

  • No external power required

  • Convenient socket mounting

  • Five year unconditional warranty

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276XR, Current Transmitter/Receiver, Time Mark


Time Mark Corporation