292 Frequency Monitor from Time Mark

292, Frequency Monitor, Time MarkThe Model 292 Frequency Monitor is designed to monitor power line frequency. It is intended for systems where line frequency variations will cause improper operation of electrical equipment.

A solid-state sensing circuit drives an internal electromechanical relay which is energized when the line frequency is correct. Operating power is drawn from the same line being monitored.

The Model 292 Frequency Monitor is set to the over and/or under frequency trip points using ten binary-coded switches. A frequency variation outside the trip points causes the internal relay to drop out and an appropriate LED indicator to illuminate.

Applications for the Model 292 Frequency Monitor include stand-by power plants, portable power supplies, and windmill generators.

  • Solid-state electronic circuitry

  • Monitors over and/or under frequency

  • Automatic reset

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292, Frequency Monitor, Time Mark


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