2962 Voltage/Frequency Monitor from Time Mark

2962, Voltage/Frequency Monitor, Time MarkThe Model 2962 Voltage/Frequency Monitor is designed to monitor frequency, phase sequence and voltage. Before the relay will energize, phase sequence must be correct (A B C). Both the frequency and voltage must also be above the pickup setting before the relay will energize. If reverse phasing occurs, or if the frequency or voltage drop below the drop out setting, the relay will de-energize. Four red LED's are used to indicate whether the voltage or frequency are above or below their set points. A green LED indicates the condition of relay.

This Voltage/Frequency Monitor is powered by an external 24VDC supply. A typical application is to monitor engine-powered generators.

  • Monitors Voltage, Frequency and Phase Sequence

  • 24V DC Input Voltage

  • For Engine-Powered Generators

  • 5 Year Unconditional Warranty

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2962, Voltage/Frequency Monitor, Time Mark


Time Mark Corporation