349 Override Timers from Time Mark

349, Override Timers, Time MarkThe Model 349 Series Override Timers are one-shot timers designed as lighting control timers or override controls for energy management applications. The timers are designed to operate from either 24 or 120 VAC and mount in a standard wall switch box. Wire leads allow connections to be made with wire nuts.

The Model 349-2 is a 2-hour timer adjustable from 5 minutes to 2 hours. Pressing the start button pulls in the internal relay. After the delay, the relay drops out. Pressing the button again during the delay period will restart the timer. An indictor light shows when the relay is pulled in.

The Model 349-15 has a maximum delay of 15 hours, in 1-hour increments. It can also be set to 14 minute increments (3 3/4 hours maximum delay). When the start button is pressed, the internal relay pulls in for one timing increment. Each additional press of the button adds one timing increment to the time, up to 15 increments
total. The 16th press of the button drops out the relay. Binary numbered indicator lights show remaining time.

  • Uses standard wall switch box

  • 15 amp contact rating

  • 2-hour and 15-hour versions

  • Color-coded connections

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349, Override Timers, Time Mark


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