Burkert Solenoid Valves Type 5282Burkert Type 5282 solenoid valve has a specialized internal configuration that isolates media from the magnetic drive. This feature makes the Burkert Type 5282 solenoid valve more forgiving of difficult processes than other available solenoid valves, allowing them to be used successfully in applications with aggressive media or particulate contamination.

Burkert Type 5282 solenoid valve is a pilot actuated solenoid valve using a servo diaphragm. A separating diaphragm totally isolates the magnetic drive and the fluid. The valve is designed for universal use with gases and liquids. Burkert Type 5282 solenoid valve is the only true full stainless steel and full brass valve.

Manual override feature is a standard. Switching times (opening and closing) are individually adjustable.

Description: 2/2-Way Solenoid Valve for Contaminated and Aggressive Fluids, General Purpose, PN 0.2-10 bar, 2.8-230 psi

  • Pivoted armature pilot drive with manual override

  • Magnetic drive completely isolated from fluid by diaphragm

  • Circuit function can be changed (NC or NO)

  • Adjustable switching times (anti-waterhammer)

  • Tolerates slightly contaminated and aggressive fluids 


Solenoid Valve, NC/NO
Solenoid Valve, NC, EEx
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