Patterson Horizontal Split Case Pumps

Patterson Horizontal Split Case Pumps are engineered to move clear water or low viscosity clear liquids at moderate heads more efficiently and economically than any other type of pump. Precision balancing of all factors in their design provides this efficient operation along with mechanical dependability and low cost maintenance.

Patterson Horizontal Split Case Pumps simplicity of design ensures long, efficient unit life and minimum power consumption. All fabricated parts are standardized and accurately machined for true alignment, increasing overall durability.

Impellers are statically and dynamically balanced and constructed with double inlets, practically eliminating end thrust and resulting in high operating efficiency. Whether your application requires electric, diesel, turbine or a dual drive system, vertical or horizontal, Patterson can fit your requirements.

Patterson Horizontal Split Case Pumps are built in accordance with Hydraulic Institute standards. A bottom suction configuration is available on most models of dual and single volute designs.

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