Electric Submersible Pumps From Gorman Rupp

High Volume, High Head Wide Base Submerssible Pumps

Gorman,Rupp,Electric,Submersible,PumpsDependable High Head and High Volume Performers.

Whether sitting on the soft, murky bottom of a cofferdam, or churning away deep inside a strip mine or quarry, Gorman-Rupp wide-base submersibles tackle the big jobs. Where large solids are not a problem, these versatile machines produce high head and high volume and stand up to the knocks and abuses of the worst conditions. Whatever the application, whether it is in general construction, strip mining, tunnels or utilities, Gorman-Rupp submersibles are built to operate quietly, effectively and safely. The wide, solid base helps prevent the pump from turning into the ground or pumping its way into a hole. The rugged impeller is good for many trouble-free years of service. The motor operates in an oil-filled cavity, which is cooled by the water being pumped to prevent overheating. Double seals provide solid protection against pump failure and ensure years of trouble-free operation.

The Gorman-Rupp submersible pump design is engineered for maximum dependability. Only one moving part and three wearing surfaces. Behind this simplicity in design is Gorman-Rupp’s innovative engineering and manufacturing quality control that assure rugged durability and extended pump life without costly maintenance.

Gorman,Rupp,Electric,Submersible,PumpsSlimline Sumersible Pumps

For drilled wells, narrow cofferdams and hard to reach places, Gorman-Rupp’s Slimline submersible pumps are lighter in weight and easier to handle than their larger cousins in the wide-base line. But that doesn’t mean there’s not a strong family resemblance: Gorman-Rupp puts extra protection into the seals, and the impeller is rugged and dependable. The Slimline design uses economy of space to create a pump that can go many places other pumps won’t, and their portability makes them all the more useful. Where additional head is needed, two Slimline pumps can be used in tandem for twice the head at the same flow.

Slimline submersibles are designed for continuous, unattended operation. These electric motor-driven pumps need no fuel checks or winterizing. There is no danger of flooding since they operate totally or partially submerged and they work equally well in warm or sub-freezing conditions.

There are over 100 models of submersibles to choose from including: High volume, high head wide base models for open pits and quarries, slimline models for drilled wells and narrow openings, trash handling models for debris laden water and slurries, and smaller, portable models and sump pumps for general purpose use.

  • Pumps range in size from 1-1/2" to 20"

  • Capacities to 15,000 gpm

  • heads to 600 feet.

They operate totally or partially submerged and they work equally well in warm or sub-freezing conditions.

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