250 psi. Dual Bolt Lock Installation

Dual Bolt Lock Installation

How to remove Solution Tube Assembly from Corporation Stop for Installation

  • Turn Packing Nut (see picture) counter-clockwise to release the compression on the o-ring.
  • Remove the Nuts on the chain plate that is connected to the Solution tube Assembly.
  • Disconnect Safety Chains from Solution tube chain plate (at threaded connectors). Do not remove safety chain from Packing Nut.
  • Slide the Solution Tube Assembly from the Corporation Stop.
  • Use a crescent wrench to close the Corporation Stop.

Installation of Corporation Stop

Installation of Corporation Stop
  • Installation into water main should be made to the underside (or lower 1/3) of the horizontal pipe (where applicable).
  • Apply pipe thread sealant to male threads of Corporation Stop and install into desired location.
  • Make sure the Corporation Stop valve is in the closed position.
Note:  Use Crecent wrench on Corporation Stop, not a pipe wrench.
Solution Tube Assembly

Installation of Solution Tube Assembly

  • With the Corporation Stop in a closed position slide the solution tube assembly into the Corporation Stop all the way until it stops.
  • Install the Safety Chains from the Packing Nut chain plate to the threaded connectors on each side of the solution tube chain plate.
  • SLOWLY OPEN the Corporation Stop and begin to slide the solution tube down into the main. If water begins to leak past the Packing Nut, turn until the leak stops. When the solution tube reaches the bolts place washer and nuts on the bolts and tighten.
Allow the Saf-T-Lock to hold the solution tube assembly in place, the o-ring in the Packing Nut should only be used to control leakage.
Overtightening of the Packing Nut with PVC solution tubes can cause an indention to form that could lead to future leaks.
If the injector is equipped with a tube fitting follow instruction # 4. If injector has not been supplied with a tube fitting install per method desired (i.e hard pipe or flexible tubing w/ barbed fittings).

Connecting Chemical Feed Line to Injectors furnished with ½" Tube Fittings

Connecting Chemical Feed Line to Injectors

Caution: To insure proper assembly, tubing MUST be fully inserted into the fitting body to the tube stop.

  • Cut the tubing end squarely and remove the internal and external burrs.
  • Insert the tubing through the back of the nut all the way through the nut assembly to the tube stop in the fitting body (see illustration). If the tubing does not enter the nut easily, loosen the nut one turn and then insert the tubing all the way to the tube stop in the fitting body.
  • Turn the nut hand tight.
  • Wrench tighten the nut 1½ – 2 turns.
  • All nuts must be retightened when the system reaches projected operating temperature.
Note:  Squeaking sound when tightening nut is normal. For pipe threaded connections, Teflon Tape must be used.