16 Channel Rack Mountable Signal Conditioner Kistler Type 5148

16,Channel,Rack Mountable,Signal Conditioner,Kistler,Type,5148 A simple to use, 16 channel, rack mountable signal conditioner that provides excitation power and acts as an interface between voltage mode piezoelectric sensors and measuring instruments. The coupler is powered by an external AC/DC power line adapter.

16 Channel Rack Mountable Signal Conditioner Kistler Type 5148 that provides constant current excitation for Piezotron, PiezoBeam, K-Shear, Ceramic Shear and other similar piezoelectric voltage mode sensors. The coupler can also power external impedance converters and fixed gain in-line charge converters in a high impedance measurement system. The bias current for each channel is factory set at 2 mA or optional 4 mA, with all outputs buffered for driving long cables. Each channel features an individual LED for monitoring circuit integrity. The front panel includes conveniently mounted BNC output connectors. The 16 channel coupler is DC operated from sources between 8 and 20 volts DC. Power may be supplied by an external AC/DC adapter, power supply, vehicle source or battery, allowing operation of the coupler in diverse power situations.

Provides constant current excitation for Piezotron and voltage mode piezoelectric sensors
LEDs indicate circuit integrity
Convenient front/rear BNC connectors
Standard rack mountable
Low cost per channel operation
Confirming to CE

Kistler Type 5148 Piezotron Coupler